15-12-2017 New certificates for M28

December 2017 brings good news about approval of M28 Aircraft in two more countries.

27-11-2017 M28 05 aircraft delivery ceremony

PZL Mielec officially handed over of two M28 twin turbo-prop aircraft for use as paratrooper trainers by the German Air Force.

11-09-2017 SLEP Certification

Progress in certification of recent upgrades of PZL M28 05 aircraft and further steps in the M28 platform development.

31-08-2017 Strong Customer Interest

The early summer tour of Latin America and the Caribbean by a single M28 twin turbo prop aircraft has stimulated significant customer interest. More than 20 new customer proposals being prepared for delivery.

17-07-2017 M28 in AVIATION WEEK

John Croft gives short review about M28 latest news in his article “Sikorsky Seeks Sales For Fixed-Wing PZL M28” published in Aviation Week Network. Below you can find the most part of this story.

11-07-2017 ATV inside of M28

Last week we displayed the possibility of loading onto our aircraft a full size ATV (all-terrain vehicle). Through the rear clamshell doors using integrated cargo hoist we were able to load two ATVs Yamaha Grizzly 350.