The M28 recently arrived at the Military Amazon Command Base in Manaus Brasil, with its primary objective to conduct paratroop free fall jumps, precision cargo drop and logistics missions.

Manaus is located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and access to the city is primarily by boat or airplane. With its tropical monsoonal climate Manaus and its surrounding region, is the perfect location to test the aircraft capabilities and performance in an extreme climate conditions. Over the few days the M28 has carried out several missions within the region which included precision cargo drop, paratroop free fall jumps from 6000/12000ft and troop/equipment transport between different remote bases.

With these missions the M28 has proven that it possesses full capabilities and features to perform the required tasks, but more importantly it has also proven that it can perform in this specific environment with greater efficiency. Why does the M28 feel very comfortable operating in these conditions? Mainly due to its two PT6A-65B engines with total power output of 2200 HP, excellent STOL performance not reducing payload lifting ability, rear clamshell cargo door, low stall speed, high rate of clime and the availability of a cargo hoist with 700 Kg (1,540 lb) lift for loading and unloading of goods in remote locations. Those are just some of the factors which allow the aircraft to perform with such outstanding results.

The M28 is now looking forward to show its potential at the next stop in Brasilia.