New video with M28




The Bundeswehr within the M28 international customer community

On its official YouTube channel, the Bundeswehr published another video presenting its brand-new M28 performing parachuting training activities. Last year two M28s, manufactured in PZL Mielec, were delivered to one of our corporate customers PD Sicherheit.

Today Germany’s elite forces are utilizing M28 twin turbo-prop aircraft as a specialist paratroop training capability in Altenstadt. The Bundeswehr is operating the M28 platform under a four-year agreement entered into by the PD Sicherheit company and the German Ministry of Defense.

Upon the request of the customer, M28s were equipped with the Parachute Jump Rescue System (PJRS), which allows the aircraft crew to pull a paratrooper back on board in case of a parachute jump system failure. The PJRS system is perfectly compatible with M28’s rear clamshell door and thus paratrooper jumping is now more comfortable and safe. What makes M28 a perfect platform for the GAF is that it is capable of short take-off and landing on any runway regardless of a surface type, whether it is a gravel strip of land or a rough road.

Thanks to sizeable tires and engines of 2200 total horsepower, it is possible for paratroopers to reach the ground within 20-30 minutes. Having been impressed by M28’s versatility, both pilot Ronal Koch and captain Weber proudly concluded that this jewel is capable of doing virtually anything its operator desires.

To see M28 in the ranks of the German Air Force, click the link below: