The next stop of the Latin American Demo Tour for the M28 was Panama, where the aircraft visited the National Air and Naval Service of Panama, also called SENAN. During the one day event the M28 performed demo flights to chosen by SENAN airfields, where the aircraft conducted short landings and takeoffs. Additionally, detailed presentations concerning the platforms configurations and capabilities have been held for over 40 attendees, followed by aircraft static displays.

The National Air and Naval Service is a branch of the Public Forces of the Republic of Panama, responsible for carrying out naval and air operations. Its main function is to "Perform protection, surveillance, security and defense of the air and maritime jurisdictional areas of the Republic of Panama”. The M28 is already an active and proven platform in maritime and border patrol configuration. The M28 Naval and Border Patrol version called Bryza, have been delivered to Polish Air Forces and Navy in various versions, equipped for operational missions with glass cockpit, data link, surveillance radar, ESM, FLIR, magnetometric & hydroacoustic, sonobuoy dispenser, AIS and communication with Crypto.

The M28 is a versatile platform, extremely flexible in meeting today’s and tomorrow’s missions’ requirements in all climates and environments.