The M28 arrived in the heart of Brazil for a four day event and took to the sky over the beautiful scenery of Rio de Janeiro. Located at the Jacarepaguá Airport the aircraft attracted a lot of attention during its stay.

Throughout the event the M28 performed seven demo flights over the Rio de Janeiro costal front with a total of approximately 65 participants onboard. The demo flights have been accompanied by detailed presentations of the aircraft with questions and answers sessions and static displays which gave everyone a chance to familiarize themselves with the aircraft with greater detail. The groups of visitors consisted of potential clients from both the commercial and military sector including Mr Bartosz Kownacki, Secretary of State in the Polish Ministry of National Defence. The third largest group which was present at the event was the press, where several journalists showed up to view and fly the M28 for the first time.

Overall interest in the aircraft was related to passenger/cargo configuration for both the military and commercial sector. Additionally the military also evaluated the M28 for paratroop, cargo-drop, maritime patrol and medical evacuation operations, given the fact that the M28 platform is capable and proven in these missions.

The overall superior performance of the M28 has been displayed once more for the attendees of the event and all were greatly impressed with the platform’s versatility and capabilities. Over the four days all that witnessed or experienced the short take off and landings of the aircraft walked away with a smile on their face and great satisfaction. At the same time the M28 has also presented its cabin comfort and its stability during flight, especially with the fact how quiet the cabin is during cursing flight, for those who are simply looking for the most relaxing form of passenger air travel.