SLEP Certification



This year, as a part of implementation of SLEP (Service Life Extension Program) Program to increase service life of M28 aircraft, EASA approved an increase of Nose Landing Gear service life (from 16 000 LC to 30 000 LC) and service life extension of Main Landing Gear (ADLAND, from 6 000 LC to 20 000 LC), implemented as separate major changes.

These figures were achieved on the basis of fatigue tests carried out in the Section of Structural Testing at PZL Mielec Design Organization.

Fatigue tests of M28 structure are continued and already determined that the previous results indicate possible achievement of higher values for the new main Landing Gear as well as the basic structure (wing-fuselage) of the M28 platform.

Summarizing, PZL is constantly conducting fatigue tests, which consistently increase the service life of the M28 platform and make it more attractive to the fixed wing market.

M28 aircraft with short takeoff and landing capabilities and best in its class payload performance, represents the great value solution for wide range of military and commercial applications.