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Depending on the equipment installed the same aircraft can be operated in various mission versions:

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M28 aircraft

More than 18 000 aircrafts manufactured, almost 80 years of heritage, around 1700 employees carry on the legend and shape the future of PZL Mielec. Our engineers have prepared a powerful, yet extremely versatile machine, thanks to two powerful Pratt&Whittney Canada PT6A-65B Turboprop engines, short takeoff and landing (STOL) operation – in diverse conditions and with maximum load and largest payload capacity (5070 lbs / 2300 kg) of its group.

PZL Mielec offers extensive technical and advisory support prior to and after the purchase. M28 twin turboprop aircraft designed for short takeoff and landing holds two type-certificates from the main CAA in the world – FAA and EASA – along with several other certificates confirming its eligibility for civil aviation purposes.