Falcon Leap exercise



Two civilian-registered M28 05 short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft leased to the German Air Force by PD Sicherheit, participated in a Falcon Leap 2020 airborne event in the Netherlands. Both aircraft have been manufactured at PZL Mielec, a Lockheed Martin production site located in Poland.

The event is an annual parachute exercise organized under the patronage of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) and Army. Falcon Leap was inspired by one of World War II missions of the allied forces called Operation Market Garden. The purpose of the mission was to take control of three main bridges to gain access to Germany’s industrial heartland. The annual exercise provides opportunity for international paratroopers to train interoperability, coordinate each other’s procedures and get familiar with others parachutes and communication equipment. The main concept behind the event is to keep and strengthen the fellowship of the nations.

Let us remind that Germany’s elite forces are utilizing M28 twin turbo-prop aircraft as a specialist paratroop training capability in Altenstadt.

The two M28s are equipped with Parachute Jump Rescue System (PJRS), which allows the aircraft crew to pull a paratrooper back on board in case of a parachute jump system failure. The PJRS system is perfectly compatible with M28’s rear clamshell door and thus paratrooper jumping is now more comfortable and safe. What makes M28 a perfect platform for the GAF is that it is capable of short take-off and landing on any runway regardless of a surface type, whether it is a gravel strip of land or a rough road.

To see the M28 at the Eindhoven Airport we encourage you to visit a video by 32TFS Aviation:

PZL M28 05 aircraft at Falcon Leap 2020, Eindhoven AB