Thinking about versatility – think M28.

PZL M28 05 aircraft is a perfect platform for different mission scenarios. If you seek a powerful, up to date, utility aircraft that meets today’s latest FAA and EASA operational requirements, the M28 performance is unmatched in class. An example of M28 05 versatility was shown by the US Air Force Special Operations Command during a study called Operation Blood Rain at Eglin Air Force Base, FL.

The purpose of the study was to check whether the blood can withstand the airdrop from airspace to supply military medics on a battlefield. The fresh blood samples donated by volunteers were placed in vials and blood bags. The 350 milliliter bags were placed in a secure cooler and attached to a parachute and given to the M28 aircrew.

The M28 flew over the drop zone at the altitude of 200 ft at 115 mph. The loadmaster released the blood box and a moment after the parachute opened. The blood safely touched the ground and later the blood samples were tested in Eglin laboratories where no damage to the blood was identified. The experiment proved that airdrop is a viable way to supply battlefield with blood without any damage to the red blood cells and may contribute to saving human life during a battle.

Photo details from the operation are available at Air Force SOCOM website:


Let us remind that 17 aircraft were delivered to US Air Force in the years 2009-2014.

The M28 aircraft were modified by Sierra Nevada Corporation and adapted to the needs of the Army of the United States and fly there as C-145A Combat Coyote. The primary role of the C-145A is to support the aviation of the United States during special missions abroad such as transportation of goods and passenger transportation, airdrop of supply in the area of ​​operations, transportation of special groups, evacuation of the wounded.


Photo: https://www.afsoc.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2002502162/