PZL Mielec Prepares M28



A PZL Mielec built M28 twin turboprop aircraft is preparing to swap the winter chills of South East Poland for the warmth of the Caribbean and Latin America. During a two month, 13-city tour across seven Caribbean and Latin America countries its Polish aircrew and engineers will demonstrate the M28’s all-weather operational capabilities to potential new customers, including airlines, government agencies and military operators.

Flight and ground demonstrations, with a particular focus on operations from short and underdeveloped runways and multi-role operations, will commence mid-March in Trinidad and Tobago, before extending into Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Mexico. The aircraft will visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the biennial LAAD Defence and Security Exhibition, from April 4-7.

During its tour, potential customers will have an opportunity to observe the M28 in action and to examine for themselves the highly configurable aircraft, which is suitable for a wide variety of operational and logistical roles.

More than 100 M28 aircraft currently operate worldwide in both commercial and military configurations, undertaking passenger transport, parachute training, border patrol and fishery protection duties, among others. The Polish Navy and Polish Air Force successfully deploy the M28 ‘Bryza’ in both maritime surveillance and transport roles.

“The forthcoming seven country tour is an excellent example of the benefits brought to Sikorsky and PZL Mielec following their acquisition by Lockheed Martin which has decades of experience supporting Caribbean and Latin American government and military customers,” says Janusz Zakrecki. “We are seeing a renewed focus on developing opportunities for the M28 twin turbo-prop aircraft in Africa, Asia and India in addition to Central Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America.”